React Native Developer

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5D India 5D Full Time, Remote

5D Solutions is looking for React Native Developers. The ideal candidate must have a strong portfolio of iOS and Android applications developed on the React Native Platform. Experience with developing Native Mobile Applications (iOS or Android) too, is a huge plus.


  1. Should have strong knowledge of Node.js and frameworks
  2. Build and run apps using Xcode, and Android Studio.
  3. Hands-on experience and proven track-record on all aspects of React Framework:
    1. Components, containers, JSX specification of component UI layout, Component lifecycle
    2. Props and State mechanism used for data flow
    3. Various kinds of views (text, button, scroll view, flat list, etc.)
    4. Navigation
    5. React Native animations and gesture system fundamentals
    6. Redux state management library
    7. React Router usage
  4. Apply knowledge of Javascript (ES6) including all the latest features
  5. Leverage Native APIs/SDKs for deep integrations with both platforms (iOS and Android).
  6. Usage of third party libraries for Maps, UI scaling, Styles, Secure storage, Permissions, Navigation, Splash screen, Network. Analytics. Push notifications, Localization, Calendar, etc.
  7. Thorough understanding and experience of RESTful APIs required to connect React Native (iOS and Android) applications to back-end services
  8. Experience with Cloud message APIs and push notifications
  9. Hands-on working experience on Unit Testing frameworks for projects on a day-to-day basis.
  10. Identify and correct bottlenecks and fix bugs
  11. Persistence support using frameworks like Realm
  12. Thorough understanding of Apple’s/Google’s design principles and interface guidelines
  13. Comprehend performance issues and solve them
  14. Daily working experience on Source Control Management tools like Git (including merging, branching and resolving merge conflicts) and Project Management tools like Jira is a MUST.
  15. Experience with offline storage and performance/memory tuning of apps with tools
  16. Experience working in an Agile environment.
  17. Experience on publishing applications (and in releasing intermediate builds) to Google Play Store and Apple App Store following Google and Apple guidelines.


  • Minimum 2-6 years of relevant experience is mandatory
  • Engineering Degree / Master’s Degree in Computer Application
  • Flexibility and creativity in solution design
  • Ability to contribute to multiple projects/tasks simultaneously. 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 
  • Excellent analytical and time management skills
  • Teamwork skills with a problem-solving attitude

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